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Nintendo has reportedly shown off Switch 2 prototypes at Gamescom

 Some reports claim that there's even a Nintendo Direct planned for next week, but that's yet to be officially confirmed. Nintendo is expected to debut several first-party titles, including Super Mario RPG, Detective Pikachu Returns, and WarioWare: Move It.

 One thing we won't hear about is Switch 2, the sequel to the hit handheld console. The work is being done behind the scenes, however, as rumors circulate that Nintendo will be showing off a prototype console to developers attending a recent Gamescom event.

You could see the remastered version of Zelda: Breath of the Wild that uses new and more powerful hardware.It is currently unknown what type of equipment this is.

There were several versions of the original Nintendo Switch, but they all come with the Nvidia Tegra. The performance is exactly the same (only the battery life has been improved).

This is an older chip with four 1.02 GHz Cortex-A57 cores and four A53 cores and a Maxwell-based GPU (from the GTX 900 generation).This was also paired with the older LPDDR4, 4GB RAM. Basically, all modern smartphone chips fail.

Has Nintendo Still Got the Nvidia Chip? Or maybe he found another partner. It remains a mystery for now.

Nintendo Switch 2 will be released in late 2024, with the first official reveal likely to come before then. For example, the Switch (codenamed "NX") was first revealed in March 2015, the full announcement was made in October 2016, and the console was finally released in March 2017.

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