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TikTok is developing new social sharing features


Last week, TikTok released a slew of new job listings that include building more social media and messaging capabilities.

Internally, the platform takes care of users sharing TikTok videos externally via other social networks and messaging platforms if they want to discuss it with friends.

By keeping users engaged with the app, the company is able to provide functionality beyond video entertainment, such as live shopping.

According to new job postings, TikTok is looking for engineers and product managers to work in a specific social engagement team and develop new social sharing features. TikTok notes that through its Android and iOS engineer positions in San Jose, California, the team aims to build a platform that allows users to seamlessly meet and interact with real friends via TikTok, share their lives, and to spend time together. . connected wherever they are.

"The company aims to push the boundaries of the platform by encouraging the creation of meaningful social connections between users"; it says in another job posting.

As part of an initiative to allow users to connect with friends in the real world, TikTok is improving its direct messaging functionality.

Although the platform currently offers a direct messaging service, its functionality is very limited and one of the job postings indicated that the platform's messaging function is still in its infancy.

The job description states that candidates will be responsible for leading a technical team in the field of social functions to research and implement various social solutions.

The company expects candidates to work with business teams and use the unique characteristics of different countries and regions to provide the platform with a unique social solution such as messaging.

ByteDance launched TikTok as a place to watch and post viral short videos, and its algorithm was revolutionary because it focused on downloading viral content from anyone rather than showing users content from people they knew.

The platform has long reaped the benefits of likes, comments, and reposts, as ByteDance designed the platform to facilitate interaction between creators and fans, rather than communication between users in the real world. The focus on wide reach has led users who want to share TikTok content with their communities and friends to turn to other platforms like Instagram.

TikTok has continued to position itself as an entertainment platform despite regulatory oversight within the social network. Although she had been testing various social media features to help users discover new things on her platform for some time, they weren't relevant to her.

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