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Apple's next iPhone 15 deal: will the iPhone 15 Pro Max become the iPhone 15 Ultra?


Apple's next iPhone 15 deal: will the iPhone 15 Pro Max become the iPhone 15 Ultra?

The next release date for Apple's iPhone 15 is said to be September. However, the possible delays and unexpected renaming of the iPhone 15 Pro Max are increasing.

The much-anticipated iPhone 15 is expected to launch in the fall, but the company hasn't announced an exact launch date for its new phones just yet. Traditionally, Apple hosts its annual product launch in September and this year should be no exception. During this event, you can expect to get a tour of the iPhone 15, iPhone 15 Plus, iPhone 15 Pro and iPhone 15 Pro Max, although the latter could potentially be dubbed the iPhone 15 Ultra, according to a Techradar. Yes, we talked about the iPhone 15 Ultra in early 2023, but the rumors have been dead and buried since! Work on the iPhone 15 Ultra is said to be increasingly underway.

When will the iPhone 15 be released?

To predict the iPhone 15 release date, you can look at Apple's past events and release trends. Apple typically chooses the first or second week of September for its annual iPhone launches, often preferring Tuesdays but sometimes Wednesdays. For example, the iPhone 14 was announced on September 7th and three of the four models were available from September 16th, while the iPhone 14 Plus later launched on October 7th.

Based on this historical data, we can assume that the iPhone 15 will likely be released on September 5th or 12th, with the possibility of Tuesday, September 6th and September 13th. As with the iPhone 14, delivery dates for the iPhone 15 are expected to be just over a week after the announcement. However, there is a possibility of a delay due to manufacturing issues with the iPhone 15 Pro and Pro Max screens, suggested Bank of America analyst Wamsi Mohan. Should that delay occur, the entire iPhone 15 lineup could be pushed back to the end of October.

The enigma of the iPhone 15 Pro Max

It should be noted that the iPhone 15 and iPhone 15 Pro are expected to be part of this year's lineup. However, speculation remains as to whether the iPhone 15 Pro Max will appear as a separate entity or trade as the iPhone 15 Ultra. Another interesting hypothesis is that the Pro Max and Ultra will appear as completely different phones. This means that not 4, but 5 iPhones will come onto the market. These include iPhone 15, iPhone 15 Plus, iPhone 15 Pro, iPhone 15 Pro Max and iPhone 15 Ultra.

This leaves open the possibility of introducing an entirely new iPhone category in 2023.In short: As users impatiently await Apple's official announcement, excitement and curiosity surrounding the iPhone 15 and its potential variants continue to grow. Whatever the final name, one thing is certain: loyal Apple fans will be lining up to grab the latest and greatest iPhone.

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