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Corsair launches NIGHTSABRE wireless gaming excavator and K65 Pro Mini keyboard

 Corsair launches NIGHTSABRE wireless gaming excavator and K65 Pro Mini keyboard

Corsair has introduced new versions of its gaming accessories to the Chinese market, including the Corsair NIGHTSABRE wireless game miner and the Pro Mini K65 mechanical keyboard.

Corsair Gaming Excavator The Corsair NIGHTSABER offers a range of features and a wireless design. The fugitive supports the Corsair Marksman sensor, which supports 26,000 DPI, 650 IPS acceleration and 50 grams, and also has a quick-click button for faster response in games.

Convergence features 11 buttons with a fast 1ms response time, and Confluence supports wired or wireless connectivity via Bluetooth.

The Corsair NIGHTSABER Gaming Shovel also boasts a charge time of up to 100 hours of runtime, it also supports fast charging as the Fugitive can be charged for 15 minutes giving a charge time of up to 8pm and the Fugitive supports up to 7 customizable hour RGB lights.

Corsair offers the K65 Pro Mini mechanical keyboard, which features a USB-C interface and supports a 50 RGB backlit keyboard. The gaming miner CORSAIR NIGHTSABRE is expected to be available for $170, but the company has not disclosed the price of the CORSAIR K65 Pro Mini mechanical keyboard.

Features of Corsair launches NIGHTSABRE wireless gaming :

  1. 4-way scroll wheel
  2. Eleven programmable buttons
  3. Extensive RGB lighting customization

With eleven programmable buttons, Corsair Nightsaber Wireless offers a wide range of customization options. This surpasses, for example, the SteelSeries Aerox 5 Wireless with two more buttons. Or rather, a four-way scroll wheel, since it can also be rotated left or right to execute additional commands.

The manufacturer's patented Quickstrike keys are used for the two main keys, which are activated almost immediately thanks to their suspension and enable immediate typing.

Under the well-grooved and very shapely mouse wheel we find two more triangular buttons that allow us to switch between up to five saved profiles in the standard setting.

The two side buttons on the left are easily accessible and pleasant to click. Above that, slightly shifted forward, are two additional buttons. They are initially used to set the DPI, but can also be freely reconfigured. You may find that the front button is difficult to reach with the thumb on small to medium-sized hands, so the index finger has to come to the rescue.

Another interesting feature is the LED display in the middle of the hob, which has different functions.For example, it will show you when a mouse is connected via a USB dongle or is trying to pair via Bluetooth. It also shows, for example, which DPI level is currently set, although you first have to find out what one or two blue bars mean.

Which brings us to RGB lighting. This is where Corsair Nightsaber Wireless is extremely versatile. In terms of software, we can customize each of the seven zones and add their own effects.

The so-called are particularly interesting. mural. Here we can place the mouse thumbnail over the displacement effects and scale the rodent, which will affect the lighting. This is not only possible with some preset effects, but also with your own responsive images, videos or sound effects. I've never seen that before.

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