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Everything you need to know about AppleGPT, the next competitor to ChatGPT


Everything you need to know about AppleGPT, the next competitor to ChatGPT

Unlike its rivals like Google and Microsoft, Apple tends to have a wait-and-see attitude towards new technologies, and that's exactly what it's done in the generative AI race we've been watching since the beginning of the year.

Typically, Apple delays entering the technology race by developing and identifying disadvantages in order to find a product that outperforms all others. Can you do this with the (AppleGPT) bot you are working on?

Firstly; What is (AppleGPT) bot and how is it developed?

A new report from the agency (Bloomberg) claims that Apple is developing a new interactive chat bot to compete with ChatGPT, Google's Bard and Microsoft's Bing Chat, and company employees are calling it (AppleGPT).

Why working on AI technologies has become a priority for Apple in recent months as chatbots and AI capabilities have multiplied in apps and services.

According to a report by Bloomberg; Apple has developed a framework to develop a large language model - such as: GPT with OpenAI and (PaLM) with Google - this framework is known internally as (Ajax) and is based on its work on Google's machine learning framework (Google Jax), it also runs on Google Cloud servers.

Development of the bot (AppleGPT) began with limited efforts by the company's developers late last year, but the company has suspended its development and public release due to AI privacy concerns that spread after its launch and widespread adoption (ChatGPT).

Apple takes a strict approach to privacy and puts privacy ahead of product functionality because privacy is a key selling point that the company uses across all of its products.

That's why Apple has many teams working on developing AI technologies and integrating them into their products. But first try to solve privacy issues, including with their voice assistant (Siri) Siri.

secondly; What is the difference between (AppleGPT) and (ChatGPT)?

Apple employees say that the (AppleGPT) robot currently reproduces the working mechanism of Microsoft's Google robots (Bard), (ChatGPT) and (Bing Chat), and does not contain any new features or technologies, and the user interface design is not yet complete, as Apple does not plan to launch it yet. However, employees who spoke to Bloomberg noted that the company is constantly evolving its AI models, so new features should be added to them before release.

First bot development (AppleGPT); Use was limited to the company's internal development team, and due to security concerns raised about the use of generative AI models, Apple banned its employees from using it altogether.

But then I changed my mind and started to expand the use within the company. However, its use still requires official management approval, and the company has prevented its employees from using the results to develop new customized products or services.

The main uses of AppleGPT at Apple so far have been to help develop product prototypes, summarize text, and answer questions based on the data the bot was trained on.

Third; When will Apple release this robot to users?

It's not yet clear when the Apple Robot (AppleGPT) will be unveiled to users, but sources familiar with Apple's plans confirm that the company expects to unveil its first generative AI product in early 2024.

It has been reported that Apple has tasked several teams specializing in the development of AI software and technologies, as well as teams currently developing cloud services, to work on a number of new AI-related projects.

However, the company has not yet defined the type of service it will offer users. Apple's generative AI efforts are led by John Giannandrea, Apple's head of machine learning and artificial intelligence -- a former Google AI chief who joined Apple in 2018 -- and Craig Federighi, now Apple's director of software engineering.

But as with many of Apple's new technologies, there have reportedly been disagreements over the development of AI products as Gianandrea and Federighi weren't working on a common front at Apple.

According to the report, Gianandrea's vision is to create an overall picture for various AI developments by closely monitoring what the competition is offering, with the goal of offering a product that outperforms them all.

apart from; Apple is now looking to strengthen its AI teams by incorporating new insights as the company has been posting open positions on its website for months and is looking for engineers with experience managing large language models and generative AI systems whose work will focus on developing its devices and operating systems to transform the way people communicate, create media and view it through their devices.

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