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Reasons why job seekers should learn to use ChatGPT


Reasons why job seekers should learn to use ChatGPT

The robot (ChatGPT) has revolutionized various industries since its launch in late 2022 as many companies have integrated it into their products to improve work efficiency and boost productivity, so user experience has now become a valuable skill for people who want to be successful in the job market.

companies are already using ChatBots (interactive chatbots) that rely on generative AI to create marketing materials, program them, simplify and automate processes, but that doesn't mean AI will replace human labor, according to economist Richard Baldwin - said . During a panel discussion at the World Economic Forum's 2023 Growth Summit: "AI isn't going to take your job away, but someone with experience working with AI will."

Therefore, today we will discuss several reasons why job seekers should learn how to use ChatGPT:

1- Increase in demand for people with experience using ChatGPT:

The demand for people with experience using ChatGPT has increased significantly recently, as a recent study by the recruitment website (ResumeBuilder) showed that 91% of companies with open Search jobs for employees. with experience in managing an interactive chatbot (ChatGPT). .

business leaders surveyed believe ChatGPT increases productivity, saves time and resources, increases creative and technical support, and increases business profits.

Statista also shows that the artificial intelligence market is expected to grow twentyfold by 2030 and many industries will become increasingly dependent on it. So if you want to advance your career in the future, mastering the use of AI tools like: ChatGPT is not only a good skill but also essential to survive in the job market.

2- Help finding a new job: 
There is no doubt that finding a new job is usually difficult, but ChatGPT can help you in many ways in your job search, for example:

  • Customize yours CV and cover letter individually to Choose the job you are applying for based on your needs
  • Practice your interview by suggesting the right questions and giving the best answers
  • Prepare well for salary negotiations and more

But pay attention to ChatGPT's answers and read them carefully. Because it's stunning and can put you in awkward situations.

3- ChatGPT opens new business opportunities: 
The development of generative artificial intelligence technologies has led to the emergence of many new professions, the most important of which today is the “prompt engineer”, that is, an engineer who deals with writing scripts instead of code knowledgeable about testing interactive chatbots based on generative artificial intelligence and improving their performance for specific applications.

As more companies integrate Generative AI technologies into their products, the demand for professionals with ChatGPT experience will increase. Current positions requiring this experience include digital marketers and content copywriters, as well as AI and machine learning engineers and software. Programmer.

5- Use ChatGPT to learn new skills: 
Numerous studies show that learning new skills is important for improving your personal life and for professional advancement. Because it diversifies your skills and helps you develop new technologies to keep up with this rapidly changing world.

Whether you want to learn a new skill or develop your skills to easily follow the development of your field, you can use a robot (ChatGPT) to help you, because you can use it to learn a new language, learn programming, etc Develop your skills in mathematics, computer science and data analysis.

5- Better Work Efficiency: 
The most important feature of ChatGPT bot and other generative AI tools is that it can help employees of different industries to do their jobs better and faster by performing routine tasks like answering emails and planning daily tasks done. You will also help others with tasks such as searching the web, creating and editing content, generating new ideas quickly, and analyzing data.

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