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TikTok beats Threads and Twitter with these new features

TikTok beats Threads and Twitter with these new features

Short video service TikTok has announced support for its text posting feature following the massive growth of its metatext blogging platform Threads and a dramatic rebranding of Twitter.

Although TikTok started just as a short video platform a few years ago, it later added support for long videos and then the ability to post photos to outperform Meta's Instagram service, which was also trying to compete with TikTok, by having favorite short videos (reels).

Now the Chinese company has announced support for text publishing to meet the needs of users who sometimes do not want to be photographed.

TikTok said in a blog post that the new content option will allow content creators to publish their stories, poems, lyrics or other written content on the platform to express themselves in other ways.

users can now open the camera page in the app where they can choose from three options: photo, video or text.By clicking on the text option, they will be redirected to the text creation page where they can write whatever they want.

As with other services that offer text posting, users can then personalize the content by adding sounds, mentioning location, allowing comments, or allowing duets.

TikTok says text posts will be just as interactive and dynamic as photo or video posts, since users can add stickers to text posts as well as hashtags and tags.

You can choose between different background colors. As with photo or video posts, users can save drafts and archive them along with other unpublished posts for later editing or deletion.

"At TikTok, we always strive to empower content creators and our community with innovative tools that inspire self-expression," the company wrote in its post.

E added, "Today we're excited to announce the expansion of text posting to TikTok, a new format for text content creation that expands the opportunities for content creators to post their ideas and share ideas. Express your creativity.”

The company explained that through text messaging it is working to push the boundaries of content creation for everyone on the platform and “to give the written creativity we've seen in comments, legends and videos its own space to shine.”

While some questioned the success of photo posts when TikTok announced them in the past, they are now an integral part of the app. Therefore, text posts can be just as successful, especially since some users are already posting text content such as videos or images on TikTok.

Unsurprisingly, TikTok has decided to add support for text messaging now, especially at a time when Twitter keeps making disastrous decisions and imposing restrictions on its users who haven't subscribed to its paid service (Twitter Blue).TikTok is therefore likely looking to provide an alternative option for users looking to post text-based content, and Meta did something similar when it launched its Threads app earlier this month.

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