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Redesigned Apple Watch X to Launch in 2024/25 to Introduce New Band System and More

 Redesigned Apple Watch X to Launch in 2024/25 to Introduce New Band System and More :

Apple is reportedly planning its first major revamp for the Apple Watch according to a report by Bloomberg, which is internally known as the “Apple Watch X“. This redesigned version may likely release somewhere by late 2024 or 2025 to coincide with the 10th anniversary of the wearable device.

Apple is apparently working on a slimmer case for the Apple Watch X, as well as different ways  to attach the bracelets to the device. The mechanism for attaching bands to the Apple Watch case has remained the same since the device was first introduced, making bands  compatible across generations.

The Apple Watch X model will feature a thinner watch case and a new magnetic strap attachment system for the new model. Currently, the straps must be inserted into the sides of the case and secured with a snap-lock mechanism, ensuring cross-generational compatibility. 

A Bloomberg analyst says people involved in  the development of new Apple Watches say  the existing band-locking mechanism takes up a lot of space. An exchange could result in existing assemblies no longer working with future models. 

However, this update comes at a price as the new movement will not be compatible with existing straps. Additionally, reports suggest that the Apple Watch X will feature a thinner microLED display and a built-in blood pressure sensor, improving health and fitness features.

However, the space freed up by the redesign can be used for a larger battery to extend battery life or improve other components.That's why Apple is working on introducing a magnetic band attachment system for the Watch X. 

 Additionally, the Apple Watch X may feature a new microLED display that promises more color and clarity than  current OLED screens.  

Meanwhile, Apple is expected to unveil the Apple Watch Series 9 range alongside the latest new iPhone 15 smartphones at a press conference scheduled for September 12. According to the report, the new watches will remain the same size as the current  41mm and 45mm models, while the latest Ultra will remain at 49mm. The smartwatch is said to have a faster S9 processor, new color options and  watchOS 
10 support.

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