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Android 14 release date: When is the next update? - android 14 features

Android 14 release date: When is the next update? - android 14 features


Google has released Android 14 Beta 5.1. So far, the release schedule of

has been similar to Google's for Android 13. The stable release of

is expected to be in August or September.

Google unveiled the Android 14 roadmap in February 2023 and the first developer preview will be released on the same day as the reveal. The company's planned timeline is very similar to that of the tech giant for Android 13.

On August 18, Google released Android 14 Beta 5.1, which is now the latest version of the operating system. This latest beta version is for public testing.If you have a supported Pixel phone (or Pixel tablet), you can now install Android 14 Beta 5.1.

Judging by the organization's release date table, the next update should be a stable start. The system reached platform stability in June, so now it's just a matter of debugging and preparing for prime time.

Since the Android 14 release schedule is very similar to Android 13, it can be assumed that Google will follow a similar approach.Last year, Google had two developer previews and eight betas of Android 13 before releasing the official update. 

If Google does something similar this year, Android 14 is expected to launch in late August or early September. 

However, there is no guarantee that delays will not occur. As for the phones getting the new OS, you can expect to see all Pixel versions that haven't hit the OS update title limit yet, i.e. H. every Pixel after the Pixel 4a 5G inclusive. It should be noted that this also includes the Pixel Fold and the Pixel Tablet.

Android 14 Pixel release date will likely be ahead of the others as always. Predict OS release date for Samsung, OnePlus etc. however, it is somewhat more difficult to determine. We'll be hearing more about these launches in the coming weeks.

Here are the top Android 14 roadmap milestones we've seen so far in 2023:

8. Februar 2023 – Android 14 DP1
8. March 2023 – Android 14 DP2
12. April 2023 – Android 14 Beta 1
26. April 2023 – Android 14 Beta 1.1
10. May 2023 – Android 14 Beta 2
25. May , 2023 – Android 1 4 Beta 2.1,
7. June 2023 – Android 14 Beta 3
14. June 2023 – Android 14 Beta 3.1,
11. Jule 2023 – Android 14 Beta 4
27. Jule 2023 – Android 14 Beta 4.1
. August 10. August 2023 – Android 14 Beta 5
18. August 2023 – Android 14 Beta 5.1

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