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Apple intends to develop the design of iPads

Apple intends to develop the design of iPads

According to a new report by American agency Bloomberg, Apple intends to change the design of future iPads to offer thinner bezels around the screen.

And the agency said that Apple will rely on special manufacturing technologies to implement its plans and will also use the same technology to shrink the screen edges of its upcoming iPhone 15 Pro phones.

The report states that the new technology used is called "low-pressure injection molding overmolding," called LIPO, a production technique that reduces the thickness of the edges of the iPhone 15 Pro and iPhone 15 Pro Max to just 1. 5 millimeters reduced. instead of 2.2 mm as in the case.on current iPhones.

Assuming these reports are true, Apple's success in its plans to reduce the thickness of the iPhone's bezel will make them the thinnest smartphones on the market today, and Apple intends to replicate that experience with the iPad to repeat.

E Already in the seventh generation of its smartwatch, Apple used LIPO technology, which reduced the screen edges, resulting in an increase in the available screen size without increasing the physical size.

Apple will use LIPO technology to make OLED displays in the next iPhone and iPad. Apple is expected to launch iPhone 15 Pro phones in the last quarter of this year, while iPads leveraging the new tech won't launch until early next year.

iPad Pro devices are expected to be the first versions with the new screen design. Because these are the best and most expensive versions among the various iPads.

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