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Xiaomi presented the CyberDog 2 robot. It really looks like a little dog

Xiaomi introduced CyberDog 2, the successor to the first generation CyberDog that was launched in 2021.  CyberDog 2 is a four-legged robotic dog, however, Xiaomi has made significant changes to its design that give it a more unique look than its predecessor. 
 At the presentation on August 14, Xiaomi showed not only a smartphone, a tablet and a smart bracelet, but also the second generation of the CyberDog robot presented in 2021, a dog, but its appearance and stuffing have changed significantly. 
 The original CyberDog was meant to look like a recreation of the Boston Dynamics spot, but the CyberDog 2 has a more distinctive look.It has a completely redesigned body resembling a Doberman Pinscher, with two small ears on either side of its head. This makes it look more like a real dog than the previous generation. 
 CyberDog 2 is also much smaller and lighter than the previous generation. He weighs only 8.9 kg and is 36 years old.7 cm tall, which is much smaller than a Golden Retriever. Xiaomi has shown that the robot can even stand on one leg and lean on a block of tofu without destroying it. 

 During the presentation, Xiaomi focused on the intelligent robotic system  responsible for the  NX processor with built-in dual coprocessor. Monitoring and decision-making in the environment is aided by an advanced Fusion system consisting of 19 sensors  including a fisheye camera,  depth sensor, LiDAR and ToF sensors. They replace the CyberDog 2's sight, touch and hearing and help it navigate  space.
 The robot can also be used instead of a smart home hub - it controls lights, household appliances and other devices through it. Knowledge of the Chinese language is required for this – everything works via the XiaoAI language assistant. 
 Xiaomi  also created the CyberDog 2 open-source code, the code of which, structural drawings and even graphical programming and modular processing of various sensor functions are publicly available. This makes it ideal for tech enthusiasts and developers who want to experiment with such products.

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