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How was Twitter affected after converting to X?

How was Twitter affected after converting to X?

After Twitter rebranded to X, weekly active users fell 4% in the weeks following the rebrand (6-20 August), while App Sensor Tower specializes in tracking apps for smartphones.

The billionaire and famous businessman Elon Musk has decided to change the identity of the microblogging platform Twitter, transforming it into X, which dreams of becoming a platform for “everything” on the Internet, the great fame that the "Blue Bird" enjoys.

The TechCrunch report highlighted Sensor Tower's analysis of Twitter after the switch to X, which included predictions that the company was wiping billions of dollars in brand equity.

It appears that expectations have been met as initial reports from the analytics company suggested that after the app was rebranded as

The report reveals that the X ranking has dropped 4 places and is now ranked 36th in the most installed applications as the number of installs decreased by 8%, mainly on Android and iOS, but in particular, the number of downloads decreased by 22% for iOS and 18%. on Android.

Elon Musk achieved his goal

However, a notable uptick for the app over the given period was the surprise sales surge following the rebrand, as sales increased significantly -- by nearly 25%, mostly driven by iOS sales (up 24%) -- according to Sensor. Tower.

In turn, the report claims that the number of downloads of the company's Twitter Lite application, which targets older phones and devices with limited resources, has increased by more than 350%, and the report shows that sanity is a brand is name change. .

This decision seems to have caused some confusion among App Store users. While many tech-savvy users were aware of the name change, many mainstream consumers who searched for Twitter in the app stores were unaware. So if they type in "Twitter", they'll only find the Twitter Lite app search bar in the app stores. then download it.


What is the difference between Twitter and X?

App X also modifies some terms we've come to know over the years. Tweets are now called posts and retweets are called reposts. The user interface is still the same as Twitter, but the new X logo is printed in the app and website header.
How did Twitter change society?

Twitter has changed celebrity culture beyond recognition. In the simplest sense, we can now follow the daily lives of celebrities and, more importantly for many fans, communicate with them directly without the close observation of their managers.

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