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Snapchat is making its My AI chatbot free for everyone

(Snap) today announced the global launch of its artificial intelligence chatbot (My AI) on its photo messaging service (Snapchat).

The US company said in a blog post that subscribers to its paid Snapchat+ service (Snapchat Plus) love My AI and send about two million chat messages a day to learn more about sports, animals and the world around them .

E (Snap) added: "Today we announce that My AI is available for (Snapchat) users worldwide and now includes new features."

So the My AI chatbot for available to all users for free (Snapchat), after being reserved for subscribers (Snapchat Plus). The bot uses the GPT model on which OpenAI's popular ChatGPT chatbot is based.

The first novelty allows users (Snapchat) to customize the provided chatbot with thousands of avatars (Bitmoji), since it is possible to design a special avatar for the bot, then give it a name and start discussing with it . 

Snap said it's easy to integrate "My AI" into any chat with friends by tagging it and then asking a question on behalf of the group. When a chatbot joins the conversation, it's obvious because its name is unique.

My AI chatbot can now share Snap Map location recommendations and suggest suitable destinations. Snap clips can also be shared with the bot and get replies."With over 55,000 (Snapchat) creations per second, Snapping (Snapchat) is a natural way for our community to stay connected," Snap also said in its post today. Soon (Snapchat Plus) users can use My AI (Snapchat) and get a unique generated clip to continue the discussion.

The company reported that 99.5% of My AI responses follow community guidelines. Since its release, Snap has refined it and programmed it to follow guidelines designed to protect users from feedback that might be inappropriate or harmful.

The company has also been working on implementing a new age indicator that uses the date of birth for Snapchat users so that the chatbot constantly takes their age into account.

(Snap) added additional restriction technology that allows to evaluate the importance of bot content that could be harmful to users and restrict users (Snapchat). Access to My AI if they abuse the service.

The company intends to integrate the chatbot into the app with parent tools that allow guardians to see if and how often teens are talking to the bot.

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