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What are the new features in the Apple Maps application in IOS 17?

Apple has added new features to the Maps app in the new iOS 17 operating system. However, the changes to the Maps app are not as extensive as some changes and additions that were available in previous versions of the iOS 17 operating system. Apple experiences maps.

Here are the most prominent new features in the Apple Maps app in iOS 17:

1- The possibility of using maps without an Internet connection:

In iOS 17, you can download maps for offline use, which is useful when a mobile data or Wi-Fi internet connection isn't available in your area. You can save a map of a specific area on your phone so that you can access it at any time, even without an internet connection.

After you save a specific map, you have access to all information about places on the map, such as: B. opening times and ratings, as well as the ability to activate the route display function and the maps app works completely as before. are carried out when you are connected to the Internet, with the exception of traffic information, which is updated in real time.

You can search for any location in the Maps app and then select Download. This will bring up a drag and drop interface where you can choose the map size you want to download.

Apple allows you to download a map of the entire city and its surroundings. The size of each downloaded map is displayed. The size depends on the selected area and its content. Maps for small areas can be around 200MB, but larger areas with lots of streets and businesses can be 3GB or more.

2- Electric vehicle charging stations:

Apple Maps in iOS 17 shows real-time available charging stations along your route, a useful feature for electric vehicle owners.

3- Warnings of interruption of communication service:

If you're looking for directions in an area that's often out of cellular coverage, Maps in iOS 17 recommends downloading a map for offline use.

4- Possibility of adjusting the volume level:

In the step-by-step guide interface, you can click the (^) button to access a new voice volume option that allows you to adjust the volume of the instructions you hear. The options are Quieter, Normal, and Louder.

5- New interface update:

With turn-by-turn directions enabled, Maps in iOS 17 displays clickable icons for driving, walking, public transit, and more instead of a drop-down list. A few other options are still available in the same iOS 16 drop-down menu.

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