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Xiaomi TV S Pro 100 with 100-inch screen unveiled in China


Xiaomi TV S Pro 100 with 100-inch screen unveiled in China

The Xiaomi TV S Pro 100 has just launched in China and Xiaomi is offering this new TV with free on-site inspection and free shipping.

The new smart TV features a 100-inch giant screen, Xiaomi's largest TV screen to date. The screen-to-body ratio is 98.8% with a solid metal frame.

The TV supports three installation methods: standing, hanging and sitting.The Xiaomi TV S Pro 100's display has 384 backlight control segments and a dynamic contrast ratio of 1 million:1.

The TV can precisely control the brightness and darkness of the screen. It also has a light sensor that automatically detects changes in the ambient light and adjusts accordingly.

Xiaomi TV S Pro 100 has a native 1.07 billion color display, 94 I-P3 color space and better color accuracy.Multi-temperature color restoration technology greatly reduces chromatic aberration and restores the original creative colors in different scenes. It offers a warm color temperature for movies, a standard color temperature for movies and TV shows, and a cool color temperature for performance.

S Pro 100 has a high refresh rate of 144 Hz, which is suitable for gaming applications. A refresh rate of 240 Hz can also be achieved by enabling competition mode. At the same time, the MEMC motion compensation can effectively reduce jitter and distortion when watching high-speed movies.

The monitor is also AMD FreeSync certified and has an extremely low latency of 4 ms. The TV is equipped with two HDMI 2.1 interfaces, with less input lag. Xiaomi TV S Pro 100 uses 8 audio units, 30 watt speakers and supports Dolby Vision and Dolby Panorama.

Xiaomi also states that the user can receive immersive audiovisual images in the living room.The TV has a quad-core A73 processor and 4GB + 64GB of storage. The price of the Xiaomi TV S Pro 100 starts at 17,999 yuan (about $2,506). It can be purchased on retail platforms such as

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