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iOS 16.6.1 update patches serious Pegasus spyware vulnerability


If you've been following the world of espionage lately, you might be interested in Pegasus spyware. Israeli cyberweapons company NSO Group develops the software and has the ability to read text messages from targets, listen in on conversations, track their location and more. The software made headlines after many countries were found to be using it to spy on journalists, activists and other people of interest.

Apparently, Apple's latest mobile operating system iOS 16.6 supports Zero Day and Zero Click features, meaning no user interaction is required to use it. from its discoverer – Citizen Lab.The exploit apparently exploits PassKit and Apple's SDK, allowing developers to integrate Apple Pay into their apps and send some malicious images via iMessage to trigger the exploit. Citizen Lab successfully installed Pegasus on the target device using the mentioned exploit and immediately reported it to Apple.

A fix has already been implemented in iOS 16.6.1 and all users are recommended to download the update as soon as possible.As it turns out, the exploit is quite serious and far-reaching, as Citizen Lab has even advised users concerned about their privacy to enable iOS Lock Mode, the latest iOS feature that significantly limits the functionality of Apple devices .

Additionally, China has just banned the use of iPhones by government officials. We don't think this is in any way related to the exploit, but Apple is definitely having a hard time with its iPhones.

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