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The LG MAGNIT TV launches with a 118-inch size and 4K ULTRA HD resolution

The 118-inch LG MAGNIT 4K Ultra HD display was introduced at CEDIA 2023.

Advanced display provides stunning images for luxury homeowners. It is available with all-in-one design and easy installation for custom integrators.

The new huge LED display has a screen diagonal of 118 inches. Its large dimensions make it a sophisticated luxury model.

It is a good candidate for the home theater and digital art market. According to LG Electronics, the new 118-inch model will sit between the 136-inch LG MAGNIT Micro LED home display and the 97-inch LG SIGNATURE OLED M wireless TV. Both models were also on display at the CEDIA Expo.

LG MAGNIT costs $237,000. It offers the highest quality colors, clarity and contrast.It features crisp 4K resolution, 0.6mm pixel pitch and robust chip-on-board LED (COB) technology. It also features AI-based processing and runs on a smart TV with webOS.

The MAGNIT Micro LED display allows LG MAGNIT certified integrators to very quickly install a simple display in a two-cabin design. It is slightly faster than other modular LED displays.

The display uses LG's advanced Light Emitting Diode (DVLED) technology for commercial displays. Each of the over 8 million micro LED pixels is a small individual light. Enable pure black and high contrast by turning off pixels where the image is black. 

It is compatible with HDR 10 and HDR 10 Pro. The display integrates AirPlay 2 and Miracast for wireless streaming from iOS, Android, macOS or Windows 10 devices.The LG1 app also allows users to easily upload digital artwork or photos to the screen.

Apps for YouTube, Disney+ and Prime Video are pre-installed on each display, making setup as easy as possible. 

The LG MAGNIT's screen offers a viewing angle of 150 degrees and offers, among other things, four HDMI inputs, a digital audio output, two USB inputs and an RS232C port. 

The new LG MAGNIT display will also be Bang & Olufsen audio systems. The product comes with a 2-year basic warranty, extendable to 5 years.

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