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Review of the Oppo A78 5G phone - Success Road

The Oppo A78 5G phone was launched to compete in the category of inexpensive phones that support communication with 5G networks with large battery capacity and good performance. In the next episodes we will look at the pros and cons of this version.

Design and Screen

The Oppo A78 5G phone features a lightweight plastic design for a smooth grip on the phone, but it's a design that certainly doesn't compete with high-end metal-framed versions.

The phone has a 6.56-inch LCD screen with a slight bulge for the front camera and the screen has a resolution of just 720 pixels, which is an acceptable specification for a budget smartphone version, but if you have one If you want high quality screen to stream videos, if you want better content, Samsung Galaxy A14 version is available for you. 5G supporting FHD+ display quality and 90Hz refresh rate.

The Oppo phone, on the other hand, has a USB-C port with a headphone jack on the bottom, and Oppo is one of the limited companies that continues to promote the headphone jack feature on their smartphones.

On the right side of the phone frame are the main power button and the volume rocker if the fingerprint sensor technology is integrated into the main power button. However, Oppo also offers another way to register the phone with facial recognition technology.

The main camera also has two vertically elegantly shaped rings in the rear body, but its specifications do not differ from many competing versions in the same category.


The A78 5G phone is equipped with a 50-megapixel main camera with a 2-megapixel black and white still camera. Due to hands-on experience with camera operation, the resulting images were not evenly balanced in dark and light areas, which is generally an expected performance. in an affordable camera phone. That said, Google's Pixel 6a might work better with the rear camera for a good price.

The phone, on the other hand, comes in a style known as "Extra HD," which aims to sharpen image detail with greater accuracy, but the 720p display doesn't show that feature any better.

The camera also supports up to 10x digital zoom. Practical experience with the use of digital zoom has shown that this zoom does not exceed 4-5x, since at maximum magnification the images become blurred.

The front camera of the phone has a resolution of 8 Mpix and the same applies to the front camera, which does not offer the best picture parameters.

Performance and Software

Oppo supports this build with the MediaTek 6833 chip, which performs well with 4GB of random memory. The processor also performed well in some games, with plenty of power for switching between games and apps. The processor also performs well in the phone, especially on social media with a refresh rate of 90 Hz, ideal for fast scrolling and browsing Gmail.

Also, bloatware is one of the biggest problems for A78 5G users as it sends many apps and games to the home screen within minutes, however, Oppo allows users to remove these programs. 


Oppo launches this version with a 5000mAh battery, a large capacity battery that will provide users with good performance throughout the day.

The phone also features 33W fast charging technology, which allows the Oppo version to outperform the TCL 40 R 5G phone of the same class, and from practical experience, the battery has been able to offer good battery life. Charging for longer periods. , so while you play. When gaming for more than 30 minutes, the battery capacity dropped to 18%, while when playing Netflix video content, the battery capacity dropped to 12%.

Do you want to buy Oppo A78 5G?

Oppo offers the Oppo A78 5G phone with many specifications typical of this category of budget phones, but the first marketing point of this release is the large battery capacity that lasts all day.

On the other hand, the screen and camera do not offer the best performance as the screen offers a resolution of 720 pixels, with limited camera performance and the best performance options on the market.


Is OPPO A78 5G waterproof?

No. The OPPO A78 5G is not waterproof.

Is OPPO A78 5G good for gaming?

The A78 display also supports a 90Hz refresh rate. Fast screen refresh is a must these days as it makes scrolling through webpages, photos and the general interface much smoother. It will also be good for games.

What are the benefits of Oppo A78?

Longer battery life The Oppo A78 5G easily lasts the whole day.

Smooth Display Scrolling is smooth thanks to the additional 90Hz refresh rate.

5G connectivity 5G connectivity at such a low price is always a welcome feature.

Is Oppo A78 wireless charging?

To check this we need to connect the phone to this wireless network. Charger. Unfortunately, as you can see, nothing happens, so this phone does not support this function. If you find this video useful, leave a comment and subscribe.

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