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Snapchat launches the “Dreams” feature to modify images with artificial intelligence

Social media platform Snapchat has launched an AI-powered "Dreams" feature that allows users to turn photos into imaginary scenes.

Powered by generative AI models, the new feature is capable of transforming common user images into mythical images with entirely new identities, such as “a real Renaissance character or a mermaid in the deep sea”; - according to the company's official statement.

In order to use the Dreams feature, users must access the Memories section, where there is a new tab called Dreams.

With just a few selfies, you can create a collection of imaginary images thanks to generative artificial intelligence.

users get the first pack of fantasy pictures for free, which contains eight pictures.After that, users can purchase more packages for $1,

. It should be added that there are applications based on image manipulation using artificial intelligence, e.g. the "Lensa" application that generates "magic avatar images" or the popular Remini application that allows users to get professional photos without having to pay for a private photo session.

The new feature will initially be available to Snapchat users in New Zealand and Australia, with promises of rolling it out to all users worldwide in the coming weeks.

The new feature has been added to other AI features in the Snapchat app, including My Personal AI Assistant.

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